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Meybod Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Iran

Meybod Souvenirs

Meybod Souvenirs & Handicrafts

20 Persian Gifts to Bring Home from Meybod Iran

What are good souvenirs from Meybod Iran? If you are visiting Meybod city in Yazd province of Iran and looking for the best gifts and souvenirs to buy for your family and friends, we help you! we have prepared a list of 20 products that Meybod or Yazd are famous for.

Persian Dumpling | What to buy in Meybod Yazd Iran

Iran Souvenirs- Qottab

Persian Dumpling | Qottab Pastry

An Easy to Make Persian Dessert

Ghotab or Qottab is a traditional Iranian almond and walnut-filled crescent pastry that is infused with cardamom and cinnamon flavours to make the perfect treat. This sweet pastry originated in the Yazd province of Iran. Its ingredients are flour, powdered sugar, vegetable oil and cardamom with almond or walnut fillings. It is an ancient Persian dessert that is served with tea. If you travel to meybod city in Yazd province of Iran, you can buy this delicious sweet from sweet shops in meybod.

Iranian Baklava Pastry | What to buy in Meybod Yazd Iran

Iran Souvenirs- Yazdi Baklava

Yazdi Baklava

A Layered Pastry Dessert

Baklava Yazdi (pronounced baghlava in Farsi) is a sweet dessert made with layers of phyllo, filled with nuts and drenched in a sweet syrup. Persian baklava uses chopped pistachios and almonds with a rosewater sweet syrup drizzled all over it. Baklava Yazdi is one of the most delicious sweets that is quite popular among foreign tourists as well. It is considered as an exclusively rich and energetic meal and it is incredibly delicious. Tabriz baklava is also one of the most popular desserts in Iran that every traveler can buy it as Iranian souvenirs to gift somebody.

Iranian Yazdi Lovuez Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd Iran

Iran Souvenirs- Yazdi Lovuez

Yazdi Lovuez

A Diamond Shape Cookie

Yazdi lovuez is a diamond-shaped confectionery that its main ingredients are sugar, almond powder and saffron. You can buy it in various types as coconut lovuez, almond lovuez and bustard lovuez in Meybod city of Yazd province. Lovuez dessert is also baked in Isfahan and Tabriz. Isfahan lovuez is made of almond while Tabriz lovuez is made of pistachio.

Persian Sesame Pudding | Halvah Ardeh  Ardakan Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd

Iran Souvenirs- Halvah Ardeh Ardakan

Sesame Pudding | Halvah Ardeh

The history of the preparation of Halvah Ardeh (sesame pudding) is attributed to Sheikh Baha'i and it is believed that Shah-Abbas-I was following a suitable diet for his soldiers that would have these conditions: first, it should be tense and energetic; secondly, it must be easy to transport; and, third, it should be suitable for war conditions; and no need to heat for eating it. Following this, Sheikh Baha'i in collaboration with the sweeteners of the time invented what is now known as Halva Ardeh. It can be said that this sweet and delicious food has been placed for a long time on the Iranian table. But one of the best examples of it is Ardakan Halvah Ardeh and one of the most popular souvenirs in Yazd.

Yazdi Muffin Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd

Yazdi Cake

Yazdi Muffin | Yazdi Cake

Persian Cupcake or Cake Yazdi is a traditional Iranian muffin that is very popular in Iran. You can have it with a cold glass of milk or with a hot cup of tea. This Persian cardamom muffin is one of the most delicious cakes among Iranian traditional cakes. Its ingredients are flour, sugar, rose water, plain yogurt, eggs, vegetable oil and ground cardamom.

Meybod Rice Bread Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd

Meybod Rice Cookie

Nan-e berenji | Rice Cookie

Nan-e berenji, a Persian rice flour cookie, is delicate and light. Traditionally eaten alongside bitter bergamot tea, this cookie is slightly less sweet so that it can stand on its own. Its ingredients are baking powder, ground cardamom, kosher salt, rice flour, unsalted butter, powdered sugar, egg, egg yolk and rose water. Poppy seeds, black sesame seeds, ground pistachios, ground freeze-dried raspberries and colored sanding sugar are other things you need to make this cookie. Naan Berenji is cooked in different types such as white, saffron, and cacao. The best Persian rice cookie is prepared with high-grade animal oil. In addition to meybod city, delicious rice cookie is baked in Kermanshah, Shiraz and Zanjan. If you are looking to buy cookies as Iranian souvenir, meybod cookie, kermanshah cookie , shiraz cookie and zanjan cookie can be the right option for you.

Meybod Pashmak Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd

Meybod Pashmak

Persian Cotton Candy | Pashmak

Pashmak is a form of Iranian candy floss or cotton candy, made from sugar. Pashmak is served on its own or as an accompaniment to fruits, cakes, ice creams, puddings and desserts. It is widely known as Persian Cotton Candy. It is sometimes garnished with ground pistachio nuts. Although the texture is similar to cotton candy, both method and ingredients are different. Cotton Candy has a wonderful flavor and is suitable for all ages. Moreover, cotton candy is a snack that Iranians sell in the parks. It is common to see cotton candy makers and sellers in Iranian parks. Since Pashmak is made with flour and sugar mainly, it has a high calorie but deficient nutrition. It is a source of carbohydrates and it is not recommended for the people who have diabetes or who are suffering from high blood pressure.

Meybod Haji Badoomi Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd

Meybod Haji Badoomi

Meybod Haji Badoomi

Haji Badoomi is a flavored sweetener that is baked with wheat flour, almonds, sugar powder, saffron, egg yolks, and nutmeg.

Persian Comfit Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd

Persian Comfit

Persian Comfit | Noghl

sugar-coated nuts

Noghl is a traditional Iranian confection that is made by boiling sugar with water and rose water and then coating roasted nuts in the mixture. It is often eaten along with tea. The nuts that are used in making noghl are almonds, walnuts and pistachio. This candy is made in some cities of Iran like Urumia, Yazd and Mashhad. Yazd-i noghl is made with walnuts and catkin (bidmeshk) while Mashhad-i noghl is made with different flavors such as catkin, saffron and rose-water and different nuts like almonds, pistachios and even rose petals.

Persian Rosette Cookie Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd

Persian Rosette Cookie

Persian Rosette Cookie | Nan Pangerei

Rosette Cookie or Nan Pangerei is one of the oldest Iranian sweets. Because of the appearance of this delicious sweet, which has a shape similar to a window, it is called a window sweet. Its ingredients are white wheat flour, eggs, starch powder, rose water and oil, which is decorated with sugar dust. In the past, many women prepared this sweet at home. Mangha Bread can be one of your choices as a souvenir of Yazd.

Persian Brittle Toffee | Meybod Sowhan Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd

Meybod Sowhan

Persian Brittle Toffee | Sowhan

This traditional saffron brittle toffee is made of flour, sugar, wheat sprout, egg yolks, butter, rose water, saffron, cardamom, and slivered pistachios or almonds. You can buy this toffee from sweet shops in meybod and Yazd. There are also other types of this toffee in Iran such as Isfahan Sohan and Qom Sohan. They are different in their ingredients.

Persian Rock Candy | Nabat Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd

Persian Rock Candy

Persian Rock Candy | Nabat

Nabat Candy is a type of sugar obtained from sugarcane. The plant has edible and medicinal properties and is used to reduce bloating and pain and increase energy and vitality. Basically, candy is the old generation of today's candies, and it is available in various types of lollipops, branch candy, bowl candy, bite candy, bean candy, and curtain candy in simple and saffron forms. In terms of quality, Pardah fruit is no different from other branched and woody fruits, and it is a vegetable that is formed on the stems, and the only difference from other fruits is that it is thin and crispy.

Persian Pomegranate Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd

Persian Pomegranate

Persian Pomegranate

A Juicy, sweet fruit with edible seeds

Pomegranate is a very popular fruits in all over the world. It is used as natural fruit, pomegranate syrup and pomegranate juice. Very high quality pomegranate can find in some cities of Iran, like Meybod, Shiraz, Saveh and Marivan. Meybod pomegranate syrup has a sweat taste while Marivan pomegranate syrup and Gilan pomegranate syrup are sour and very tasty.

Persian Hardtack Dried Bread Meybod Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd

Persian Hardtack

Persian Hardtack | Dried Bread

One of the most delicious souvenirs is Yazdi dry bread, which is prepared in almost all cities of the province. This crispy and tasty bread, which is usually served with broth or cheese, is prepared in a traditional way. This bread is suitable for people who suffer from stomach pain, as well as for diabetics.

Meybod Termeh Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd

Meybod Termeh

Meybod Termeh

Termeh is an elegant, hand-embroidered silk fabric with fine threads of gold woven in, similar to a brocade. Usually in paisley designs you can find it made into a variety of products such as shoes, bags, tablecloths, and jewelry pouches, or you can, quite simply, buy the fabric itself. The art of weaving Termeh or termeh bafi is about 400 years old in history. The Zoroastrians used it to sew trousers for their celebrations. Termeh is made of silk and yarn, wool or fluff. Weaving Termeh was done with hands in the past, and it was also known as a handmade fabric, but later it was done half-way through and using special devices. In Iran this handicraft is weaved in Yazd and Isfahan. The Isfahan-i termeh is as beautiful as Yazd-i termeh.

Meybod Chador Shab Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd

Meybod Chador Shab

Meybod Chador Shab

Chadorshab is a beautiful and colorful cloth which local women wear it on their waist. In past, chador-shab handicraft was used as coverlet or for packing quilts, blankets and pillows and the name “Chadorshab”, meaning the “cover of night” is also taken from this traditional usage. The patterns are geometrical and the cloth is usually waved from silk or colored wool. You can also find beautiful Qasemabad chador-shab in north of Iran in Gilan province.

Meybod Karbafi Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd

Meybod Karbafi

Meybod Karbafi

Karbafi fabric is one of the traditional textile industries and souvenirs of Meybod. Meybod artists have been weaving this handcraft at home since ancient times. The history of weaving dates back to the Timurid era. Karbafi fabrics are very diverse in designs, patterns and colors. Striped and checkered designs are the most widely used designs.

Meybod Ziloo Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd

Meybod Ziloo

Meybod Ziloo

a Carpet is made of Pure Cotton

Ziloo is one of the oldest types of handmade floor coverings in Iran and has been woven in Meybod for many years. It has proven to be one of the most suitable and most enduring floor coverings, especially in desert areas. Meybod is the world craft city for ziloo handicrafts. Ziloo is very similar to mat in pattern and texture, and unlike many carpets, it lacks color variety.

Meybod Pottery and Ceramics Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd

Meybod Pottery and Ceramics

Meybod Pottery and Ceramics

Ceramics and pottery have a long history in Iran. A quick visit to the National Museum of Iran or the Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran in Tehran will quickly prove this fact. These days, towns like Lalejin, Meybod, and Natanz continue this age-old tradition with hand-painted dishes and decorative items. One of the major producers of pottery and ceramic products in Iran, Meybod, is located in Yazd province. You can find some fantastic products in pottery bazaar of Meybod. This kind of pottery is presented in the form of simple pottery without glazes and ceramic tiles. The patterns of pottery are very spectacular and unique. chicken, fish, moon and sun's patterns are one of the most commonly used paintings on these potteries.

Persian Golden Jewelry Souvenirs | What to buy in Meybod Yazd

Persian Golden Jewelry

Persian Golden Jewelry

Yazd, a city that not only has a long history in the field of gold and jewelry, but part of the economy of the people of this city is provided by this art. The reputation of Yazd gold and jewelry has gone beyond the borders of Iran because of its purity and high quality. The gold that is generally made in Yazd has a fineness of 20 karats. The innovative and sophisticated way of making jewelry in Yazd has almost made it impossible to copy them. For example, the chains known as “Chin-Abi” are the traditional brands of Yazd. These types of chains are made up of golden filaments, rods, a chain with 20-karat gold rings, copper and silver alloys. If you have a lot of money in your pocket, be sure to visit Yazd or Mebod gold market and buy gold souvenirs!!!!

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