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Isfahan Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan Iran | 30 Persian Gifts to Bring Home from Isfahan Iran

Isfahan Souvenirs

Isfahan Souvenirs & Handicrafts

30 Persian Gifts to Bring Home from Isfahan Iran

What are good souvenirs from Isfahan Iran? Whether for gifts or personal use, souvenir hunting is an important part of traveling. When you are visiting Isfahan of Iran, there are just so many items that make a perfect souvenir to bring home as your memory of traveling in Isfahan. To be honest, Isfahan is known as the art and handicrafts paradise. There is a long and endless list of the most delicious sweets and wonderful handicrafts that you can buy in Isfahan. You have many choices and you may get quite confused if you have to choose only a few. Shopping in Isfahan can be fun as well. Small and large stores, traditional bazaars, and modern shopping centers, even street vendors all have many attractive and spectacular products. Here is a list of some souvenirs from Isfahan.

Isfahan Gaz (Nougat) Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Gaz

Isfahan Gaz | Persian Nougat

Gaz is the most famous and delicious souvenir of Isfahan. It is a traditional and delicious white toffee that has a wonderful taste. Gaz ingredients are pistachio, almond, egg white, liquid glucose, sugar, rose water, and hedysarum nectar. It is made in different types such as chocolate, coin, sliced, floured, finger and bite Gaz. Gaz is considered as one of the most delightful tea-drinking side-dish in Iran and its consumption along with other hot beverages is joyful. Isfahan Gaz has a long history for several hundred years. It dates back to the Safavid era and is one of the most important Isfahan souvenirs. It is better to purchase Gaz from credible and well-known souvenir shops in Isfahan and other major cities all over the country. If you are overweight or suffer from high fat or diabetes, make sure to buy deity Gaz.

Isfahan Poolaki Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Poolaki

Isfahan Poolaki

A Tasty Candy

Poolaki a sort of wafer; is a yummy popular souvenir from Isfahan. Isfahan Poolaki is similar to yellow or reddish thin sequins. It is made with sugar, sesame, and cardamom. Poolaki is prepared in different flavors of mint, coconut, honey, ginger, lemon, pistachio, and cocoa. It is one of the most popular sweets that are served with tea. Poolaki is quite sensitive to moisture. So, make sure to buy ones in vacuum package. If you are overweight, or suffer from fat or diabetes, make sure to purchase the diet Poolaki.

Isfahan Dough Gosh Fil Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Dough Gosh Fil

Isfahan Dough Gosh Fil

The pastry is shaped like an Elephant's Ear

Gosh-e Fil is a kind of sweet fried pastry. The shape of Gosh-e-fil sweet is like a baby elephant's ear so its name is Gosh-e-fil (Elephant’s ear in Farsi). To make a simple homemade Gosh-e-fil, you have to to prepare some ingredients including egg, caster sugar, all-purpose flour, butter, milk, salt, frying oil, baking powder, and pistachios. It is served with dough so it is sour and sweet.

Isfahan Joz-e Qandi Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Joz-e Qandi

Isfahan Joz-e Qandi

Joz-e Qandi is one of the most expensive Isfahan souvenirs. For making Joz-e Qandi, a local fruit called “Alag”, a fruit in peach family, is used.

Isfahan Korki Sweet Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Korki Sweet

Isfahan Korki Sweet | Kerki Sweet

Kerki is a tasty sweet. Several types of flour, such as rice, wheat, and chickpeas flour along with oil, cardamom, and pistachio powder, are combined to make a delicious Kerki pastry.

Isfahan Bereshtuk Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Bereshtuk

Isfahan Bereshtuk

Breshtuk sweet is one of the delicious souvenirs of Isfahan, which is available in rhombus and rectangular shapes. The raw materials for preparing Breshtok are wheat, chickpea, cardamom, powdered sugar, pistachio and walnut, and because eggs are not used in this cookie, it is one of the light sweets.

Isfahan Lovuez Dessert Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Lovuez Dessert

Isfahan Lovuez Dessert

A Diamond Shape Dessert

Lovuez sweets are originally from the city of Tabriz and are prepared in different shapes and flavors in other cities of Iran such as Isfahan, Yazd and Kerman. Tabriz Lovuez are made of crushed pistachios, while Yazdi Lovuez are available in coconut, almond and pistachio varieties in the market. Pistachio is used in the preparation of Kerman Lovuez. Isfahan Lovuez are prepared as a mixture of almonds and coconuts. To prepare Lovuez sweets, you need sugar, almond powder, sugar powder and brewed saffron.

Isfahan Sohan Asali Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Sohan Asali

Isfahan Sohan Asali | Honey Sohan

Sohan Asali of Isfahan is made with honey, sugar, rose water, pistachios, almonds, saffron, and water. Like sugar cubes and Poolaki, it is a customary sweet to eat along with a hot drink such as tea. It is a sweet souvenir of Isfahan.

Isfahan Rock Candy Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Rock Candy

Isfahan Rock Candy | Nabat

Nabat also called rock candy, is a type of confectionery mineral composed of relatively large sugar crystals. Rock candies from Isfahan with a variety of flavors such as lemon, cinnamon, mint, ginger and saffron are very popular.

Isfahan Baklava Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Baklava

Isfahan Baklava

Baklava, a sweet originally from Tabriz, is also produced in Isfahan and is very popular.

Isfahan Rice Cookie Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Rice Cookie

Isfahan Rice Cookie

The basic ingredients for preparing rice sweets, this popular Iranian souvenir, are: eggs, rice flour, saffron, grated sugar and rose water.

Isfahan Honey Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Honey

Isfahan Honey

Fereydoun Shahr is a city in Isfahan province that is famous for its high quality honey. The variety of plant species and herbal medicines in this city has made its honey one of the best honey of Iran. This souvenir of Isfahan has different types such as Zol honey, Qangal honey, and yellow astragalus honey.

Isfahan Alag Fruit Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Alag Fruit

Isfahan Alag Fruit

Alag is a local fruit of peach fruit family. It is used for making Joz-e Qandi.

Isfahan Ghalamkari Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Ghalamkari

Isfahan Ghalamkari

Ghalamkari is a type of textile printing patterned fabric. The fabric is printed using patterned wooden stamps made of pear wood which has better flexibility and density for carving and long-standing utility. A tapestry may be stamped depending on its density and size, between hundreds and tens of thousands of times. Isfahan is considered the heart of Ghalamkari art in Iran. With a short tour of Isfahan markets, you can find these souvenirs in various designs and colors.

Isfahan Zari Bafi Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Zari Bafi

Isfahan Zari Bafi | Golabatoun Bafi

Zaribafi or Brocade weaving is one of the age-old Persian handicrafts. The Persian brocade fabrics are woven by silk threads covered with gold or silver.

Isfahan Souvenirs Termeh | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Termeh

Isfahan Termeh

Termeh Fabric is a type of Iranian handwoven fabric, produced primarily in the Yazd and Isfahan province of Iran. It is woven with silk, wool and sometimes with gold and silver. Termeh has a lot of variety in terms of color and design, it also follows a certain pattern.

Isfahan Minakari Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Minakari

Isfahan Minakari | Vitreous enamel

Vitreous enamel is the art of painting, coloring and ornamenting the surface of metals by fusing over it brilliant colors that are decorated in an intricate design. Isfahan is considered the center of ornamental art. The best enamel masters live in this city. The most expensive and unique Minakari products are stored and exhibited in the traditional stores of the Naqsh-e Jahan Square. This art has become one of the most popular handicrafts of Isfahan and tourists usually buy it as gifts and souvenirs. Mina-Kari is also used to decorate a variety of pottery and porcelain.

Isfahan Turquoise Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Turquoise

Isfahan Turquoise | Firouzeh

Firouzeh Koobi is an Iranian handicraft which It is made by putting small pieces of turquoise rock into a mosaic on the surface of the dishes, jewelry and decorative objects. Today the center of this art is Isfahan. Neyshabur city in northeastern Iran is famous for the best turquoise rock in the world. Turquoise from Neyshabur mine are beautifully shaved and used in different shapes in jewelry. Iranian Turquoise handicrafts are very eye catching and very popular among the world.

Isfahan Etching Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Etching

Isfahan Etching | Metal Engraving

Ghalamzani | Toreutics

Ghalamzani is the art of curving superb designs on various metals such as copper, brass, silver and gold. The master craftsmen draw lines and motifs by pen and hammer on metal objects, to create extraordinarily beautiful works. This art, with its several thousand years of history, was prevalent in the Achaemenes period and peaked in the Sasanian period. Eminent Isfahan masters have been developing and preserving this art since ancient times. Isfahan artists perform engraving on a variety of objects including pots, trays, decorative items, samovars, plates, boxes, etc. We recommend putting toreutics utensils on your Isfahan souvenir list. Be aware of that Ghalamzani on gold or silver is more expensive than Ghalamzani on copper.

Isfahan Copper Art Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Copper Art

Isfahan Copper Art | Coppersmith

Coppersmith art is one of the oldest arts in Iran. By entering the Isfahan Bazaar, you will see a variety of copper dishes with different uses and models. Copper utensils with exquisite bright brown colors are considered souvenirs from Isfahan. You can either purchase them for practical use at home, such as cooking or just decorate and beautify your house with them. Cooking in copper dishes or drinking water from them has health benefits.

Isfahan Filigree Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Filigree

Isfahan Filigree | Malileh Sazi

The silversmith work, also known as Filigree (Malileh Sazi) is a high-end quality craft in Isfahan. The production of Filigree is very prosperous in Isfahan and Isfahan silversmiths produce and sell sets of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pins in this thriving market.

Isfahan Tile Art Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Tile Art

Isfahan Tile Art | Kashi Kari

The oldest tiles in Isfahan are Cyan tiles that decorated historic inscriptions of Seljuk period minarets with them. In addition to simple building tiles in Isfahan, Ensign tiles for the exterior of buildings and mosques are also produced and used in seven colors and mosaics. Also, tiled dishes, pots, and various other things are made with different designs, which are generally export-oriented.

Isfahan Pottery Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Pottery

Isfahan Pottery | Isfahan Ceramic

Pottery and sofal is another important art of Isfahan. On a trip to Isfahan, you can find all kinds of pottery in different sizes, colors and uses.

Isfahan Marquetry Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Marquetry

Isfahan Marquetry | Khatam kari

Khatam kari is a Persian version of marquetry, the art of decorating wooden surfaces with small and delicate pieces of Khatam. Khatam is a combination of regular polygons. It is used to decorate mirrors, jewelry boxes, backgammon, pans and furniture. This art has a long history in Isfahan but the origin of this art is considered to be the city of Shiraz. To make delicate and nice-looking works of Khatam Kari, small and triangular pieces of wood are placed side by side on the wood to create stunning geometric shapes. In addition to wood, materials such as camel or horse bone, gold, silver, aluminum, brass, and ebony wood are used in the construction of Khatam Kari. Foreign tourists often purchase Iranian Khatam Kari as souvenirs and gifts for their friends and family. The Naqsh e Jahan square of Isfahan is a good place to buy this art.

Isfahan Wood Inlay Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Wood Inlay

Isfahan Wood Inlay | Moaragh

Wood inlaying is actually the art of creating relief and beautiful designs that are created through carving and combining colored wood with other materials such as fiber, metal, shell and khatam on a wood or polyester background. At present, the center of Moaraq Kari art is the historical city of Isfahan.

Isfahan Wood Carving Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Wood Carving

Isfahan Wood Carving | Monabat Kari

The art of carving and engraving on wood is called Monabat. Wood carving is usually done on walnut and pear trees. Isfahan Monabat artists produce beautiful and valuable works such as sculptures of different animals, tableware and delicate decorations. The difference between moaragh and monabat is that in moaragh, various shapes are made by placing small pieces of wood together, but in monabat, they create beautiful shapes by adding volume to the wood. In general, monabat is done by three methods: engraving, embossing and sculpting.

Isfahan Souvenirs Kalmadan | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Kalmadan

Isfahan Kalmadan | Pen Box

Kalmadan is a pencil case which is made of wood or cardboard and is decorated with beautiful patterns and images. It is used to store calligraphy pens, calligraphy and writing tools. The history of making kalmadan in Iran goes back to the Seljuq and Timurid periods, but this art became very prosperous in the Safavid period with the development of calligraphy, and finally in the Zandiye and Qajar periods, this art reached its peak and became very popular among the artists of Isfahan. Kalmadan making is now popular in Isfahan and there are famous Kalmadan makers in this city. Most of the Kalmadan-s are decorated with inlay art and tourists. Buy Kalmadan-s as souvenirs of Isfahan.

Isfahan Souvenirs Miniature Painting | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Miniature Painting

Isfahan Miniature Painting

A Persian miniature is a small Persian painting on paper, whether a book illustration or a separate work of art intended to be kept in an album of such works called a muraqqa. It is a type of Iranian-Islamic painting that has been popular in Iran since ancient times and many artists have been working on this art since long ago. There are many schools of painting in Iran, each of which has adopted a specific style in this field. Isfahan school is one of the painting schools in Iran, where many painters are engaged in painting in this field and bring valuable works of art to the market. Miniature Painting is one of the most beautiful souvenirs from Isfahan that tourists can buy it in different sizes at a reasonable price from Isfahan city.

Isfahan Souvenirs Calligraphy | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Calligraphy

Isfahan Calligraphy

Among the arts and crafts of Isfahan, calligraphy has a special place and is very popular. Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. This art has its own fans in Isfahan city. Calligraphic panels are one of the best souvenirs from Isfahan.

Isfahan Gold Making Souvenirs | What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan Souvenirs- Gold Making

Isfahan Gold Making

Isfahan golds and Yazd golds are among the most popular golds in Iran. If you are looking for luxury and expensive souvenirs, be sure to visit Isfahan gold shops.

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