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Painted Copper Persian Handicrafts

Painting on Copper is a glorious miniature painting on copper. Bright colors, unique images, and forms of Minakari make each piece truly unique. This is the Art of soil and fire, that makes a combination of a world of thousands of colors and designs inherited from great ancient civilizations.

Iranian Painted Copper Vase

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Persian Painted Copper






Blue, Black

Painting on Copper is usually done on different utensils, such as vases and plates, picture frames, the doors and windows in holy shrines, jewelries, small decorative objects. Different kinds of paints used in Painted Copper were taken from plants, minerals, and iron ore. Nowadays, chemical paints are often used. The craftsmen use gold, copper, and tin in combination with different chemical materials to make red, green, and yellow colors respectively. Tow of main motifs in Painting on Copper are “Khataee motifs” and “Bird & flower motifs”. Khataee motifs- one of the basic designs of Iranian decorative arts used in carpets, tiles, miniature paintings- is a combination of a tree with flowers, leaves, and buds. Bird & flower motifs is a combination of flowers and birds flying around them.

Touch your favorite Painted Copper product’s surface. It should be smooth and polished. Otherwise, it has either been painted with low-quality colors or burned in the kiln.
As a result of using metal-based paints and baking procedure, the product’s colour is stable, washable and anti-scratch.

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fantastic and very beautiful

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