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Turquoise Persian Handicrafts

Turquoise inlaying (Firoozeh-koobi) is a type of handicraft which is created by putting small pieces of turquoise together in form of mosaic on surfaces of objects like plates, bowls, rose water sprinklers, cups, etc. Metals such as copper, brass, silver and bronze are used.

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Turquoise inlaying was invented in Mashhad, but culminated in Isfahan, dating back to 60 to 70 years ago. The word turquoise dates to the 17th century and is derived from the French turquois meaning "Turkish" because the mineral was first brought to Europe through Turkey, from mines in the historical Khorasan of Persia. In Persian culture, turquoise is known to have healing properties, cleanse the body and protect from the evil eye. In recent times, turquoise has been devalued, like most other opaque gems, by the introduction onto the market of treatments, imitations, and synthetics.

Keep away from sharp things to avoid damaging.
Do not put in moisture.
Keep in a cool and dry place.
The more arranged pieces of turquoise are; the higher quality of turquoise inlaying product is. As a result, it has a higher price.
A piece of turquoise inlaid work will be of more artistic value if the turquoise chips are installed more regularly in close contact, i.e., without space in between.
Regarding appearance, the colors and sizes of turquoise gems are as even as possible and uniform.
Turquoise should not have painted or restored.
The color of polyester should be transparent, mass, scratch, and bubble-free.
Infrastructure has the appropriate level of support.
The surface of work should not be uneven having rough parts.
Hardness and richness of colour are two of the major factors in determining the value of turquoise; while colour is a matter of individual taste, generally speaking, the most desirable is a strong sky to robin egg blue.

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