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Termeh is a very durable cloth in which fixed colours are used so it can be washed and dried easily. Nowadays Termeh is mostly used for the collectable tablecloth and also for cushion covers. These tablecloths are usually decorated with elaborative Persian embroidery called Sermeh Doozi.

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Termeh is a nice cloth which is woven since Safavi era in Iran and now Yazd province is the main center of producing it. There is an argument between researchers about its origin. Some of them believe that Termeh has been made in Kashmir and then brought to Iran. Others say that Iranian have been the innovator of weaving Termeh and this material has been taken in to concentration like other handicrafts in other parts of the world (Kashmir: historical region divided between India and Pakistan). For more than 400 years, Termeh has been the most sumptuous Iranian handwoven cloth. This luxurious fabric was woven by natural silk and wool fiber. It was traded throughout the Aryan trade regions, where now we know as the Silk Roads. Today silk Termeh with different colors can be found in Yazd Province (Historical city and second ancient city by ranking of UNESCO), in this regard Termeh weaving is the oldest art works.

The Termeh is a very durable cloth in which fixed colors are used so it can be washed and dried easily. To wash Termeh preferably use laundry and if you want to wash with water use lukewarm water and liquid soap.
After drying, iron off the possible wrinkles. Do not use a washing machine at all.
The high temperature of the water and chemicals in the detergent can be harmful; therefore, the best way to cleaning Termeh is dry-cleaning.
Do not expose Termeh to moisture or light since it leads to the withering and feebleness of the cloth.
Willow and moth are the primary enemies of this kind of cloth and you can protect it against them with the use of naphthalene or other insecticides.
Keep in mind that using high-temperate water and other chemical washing detergents can damage this fine cloth. Thus, it is better to wash it with hand or in the manner of the dry cleaning stores and laundromats.
The texture of the front surface of Termeh is different from its bottom. In order to protect the under laying texture and its nods, they weave a lining on the below surface. So, if you want to buy Termeh to use it as a table cloth or bed cover, make sure that its bottom side has lining on it.
The quality and value of Termeh depends on the intricacy and aesthetic features of design, diversity of colors, density of texture and the material used. The greater the number of colors, the greater the value. Elaborate Termeh designs can incorporate up to 200-300 different colored threads.
Keep Termeh in dry and dark places. Silk is highly sensitive to light and could be affected massively, resulting in discolored and faded areas.
The silk percentage, unique patterns, and famous brands are crucial elements in value identification.

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