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Khatam kari Persian Handicrafts

Khatamkari is an inlaying technique. It is done by decorating a wooden or metallic article in various designs with very small pieces of wood, ivory, bone, and metal such as gold, silver, brass, aluminum, and twisted wire.

Iranian Khatam kari Nuts Bowls

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Persian Khatam kari




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In Safavid era, khatamkari was so popular in the court that princes learned this technique alongside the art of music or painting. In the 18th and 19th centuries, khatamkari declined, before being stimulated under the reign of Reza Shah, with the creation of art schools in Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz. Incorporating techniques from China and improving it with Persian know-how, this craft existed for more than 700 years and is still practiced in Shiraz and Isfahan. Inlaid articles in the Safavid era took on a special significance, as artists used this art on doors, windows, mirror frames, Qur’an boxes, pen and penholders, lanterns and tombs.

The Khatamkari dishes and objects are extremely sensitive to humidity. So, keep them in dry places.
The tinier triangles and patterns are; the higher quality of inlay is.
Colors should be of high quality. Poor quality colors make inlay unattractive.
Metals such as copper, gold, silver, brass, aluminum, and copper should be used.
Color and shape should not be changed.
Raw materials and patterns used in inlay should be uniform.
Flowers and patterns used in inlay should have a special symmetry.
If an inlayed object is in form of a box, it should have hidden hinges.
There must be no gap between attachment points and cut points.
Coloring and layering should be done with special skill, so that there is no crinkle on surface of wood.
All surfaces should not be empty and should have patterns.
The smaller the images and patterns reiterated on the surface of the work, the higher the aesthetic value of the marquetry.
Pay attention to make sure that the surface of the work is utterly flat and there is no trace of priming left on it.
A high-quality product has got symmetrical patterns and images and its reiterated images and patterns are identical in size.

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