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Ziloo Persian Handicrafts

Ziloo is one of the oldest Persian handmade products. It was used as a cheap carpet and was woven with cotton yarns which made it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The origin of Ziloo weaving art is Meybod city.

Iranian Ziloo Prayer Mat

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Persian Ziloo




Prayer Mat


Blue, Green, Brown, Orange

Ziloo is one of the oldest handicrafts of Yazd city which dates back to centuries before Islam. In his travelogue, Naser-khosro, the famous Iranian poet, mentions the existence of about 500 workshops of Ziloo making only in the city of Toon which is in East Iran. In Hodud-al-Alam (the first Persian book of geography) Persian Ziloo is recorded as one of the most important floor coverings in mosques in Iran four centuries after the rise of Islam. This carpet which is made of cotton threads, although very simple in appearance, yet enjoys complicated technics which reflect the rich culture and thought of the people making it. This carpet is similar to straw mats in the way it is woven and the motifs used to decorate it. The word Xylography, meaning engraving on wood in English, has roots in the word Ziloo.

Ziloo doesn’t slide on flat surface.
The number of colors in this type of carpet is not more than two.
Ziloo is recyclable: After many years of using Ziloo, when it is rotten, it can be buried as fertilizer because of its cellulosic yarns.
Ziloo doesn’t have lint, so it doesn’t produce aerosols. It is suitable for children, elders and the ones with respiratory disease.
The yarns of Ziloo are made of herbs and cellulose materials. So, it doesn’t cause skin allergy and it has been recommended for the ones with skin allergy.

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سلام. خيلي زيبا

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