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Moaraq comes from the combination and integration of colored wood according to the predetermined design; it means that the construction of a spruce is a raw material of wood, but rather abundantly combines this art with other arts. For example, carved wooden arts and Moaraq can be used jointly in a work.

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Wood Inlaid (Moaraq) is the art of substitution of the different parts of a design by colored pieces of wood and integrating them with each other in order to decorate the surface of a tableau or other wooden understructures. Although the beginning of the emergence of this art is unknown, but it seems that India is the main birthplace of this art. The origin of wood inlaid working in Iran has stemmed from the art of inlaid working on tile which has emerged in the late Ilkhanid Period and after Timurid Period. Lexically Inlaid (Moaraq) means a set comprised of tiny pieces joined together to form a mechanism. In wood inlaid working, according to the delicacy and complication of the design, different pieces of wood with a high variety of colors and also shell, bone and metal are used in order to improve the quality of the manifestation of the work.

Make sure that the Mosaic Tableau you are about to purchase has a completely dried wood-work. In a high-quality mosaic-work, the outer layer of the tableau is completely burnished and smoothened. The smaller the wood pieces used in the tableau, the higher the value of it.
Mosaic tableau must be kept in arid places without humidity and never to be washed.
Some factors such as coloration, disappearance of the glue trace and nailed points and the strength of the understructure are very important in the valuation of the work.
The object which has undergone inlaid working is covered by a coat of clear polyester in the final stage.

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