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Shiraz Souvenirs | Persian Gifts to Bring Home from Iran

Shiraz Souvenirs

Shiraz Souvenirs & Handicrafts

35 Persian Gifts to Bring Home from Shiraz Iran

What are good souvenirs from Shiraz Iran? In Shiraz, like other cities, souvenirs are divided into two main categories: foods and handicrafts. Foods usually include traditional sweets and local baked goods, and handicrafts are beautiful and valuable artistic products that Shiraz master craftsmen have been making them for a long time.

Iranian Souvenirs Masghati | What to buy in Shiraz Iran

Iran Souvenirs- Shiraz Masghati

Shiraz Masghati

Masghati is a famous souvenir from Shiraz, which is actually a type of Halva. This soft candy is cooked with starch, water, oil, and sugar and garnished with almond slices. Shiraz Masghati is cooked in different flavors and colors, which is why it is suitable for all tastes. This Pastry has different types of saffron, pistachio, Damask rose (Mohammadi flowers), berberis, etc.

Iranian Souvenirs Nan-e Berenji | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Iranian Nan-e Berenji

Shiraz Nan-e Berenji

Naan-e Berenji, also known as Shirini Berenji are gluten free and are made with rice flour. These Persian Rice cookies are so addictive, not too sweet but because of the very soft dough, has an almost melt in the mouth texture. Its Ingredients are icing (powdered) sugar, salted butter, egg, egg yolk, rose water, rice flour, cardamoms ground and poppy seeds. If you want to making this cookie by yourself, be aware of that the dough is very soft and sticky, so, dusting your hands with icing sugar as you roll the cookies into little balls in your hands will help the process. Instead of rose-water you can use vanilla as a flavouring.

Iranian Souvenirs Candied Almonds | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Iranian Candied Almonds

Shiraz Candied Almonds

Candied almonds have a sweet taste and are one of the souvenirs of Shiraz. To prepare Candied almonds, a mixture of almonds, water and sugar is heated until the sugar melts and creates a thick and sweet coating on the almonds. In some cases, to make it tastier, almonds are sprinkled with sesame seeds. Today, Candied almonds are used in mixed nuts and even some foods, which gives a delicious taste to foods. You can also eat this healthy and delicious sweet with tea or brew. Although the origin of this sweet is the city of Shiraz, examples of Candied almonds from Kurdistan and Gilan can also be found in Iran.

Iranian Souvenirs Yokhe | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Iranian Yokhe

Shiraz Yokhe | Yukhe

Yokhe is one of the most famous souvenirs from Shiraz which is made with a thin dough. To prepare Yokhe, they pour powdered sugar and cinnamon on the dough, roll it out and cut it into small pieces. Several layers of this dough are wrapped around each other and sprinkled with powdered sugar, cinnamon or pistachio powder. Shiraz Yokheh is very similar to Kermanshah Kak in terms of taste and shape but Yokhe dough is thinner.

Iranian Souvenirs Herbal Distillates | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Iranian Herbal Distillates

Shiraz Herbal Distillates

Shiraz is surrounded by beautiful gardens and orchards due to its special weather conditions, which made Shiraz famous for its herbal essences. Herbal distillates are abundant in Shiraz and form a successful business. The most famous distillates that have many fans in Shiraz among the residents and tourists, we can mention the distillate of orange blossom, Bidmeshk (Pussy willow), Nastaran (Rosa canina), etc. Nastaran distillates with a pleasant aroma, is eaten to create vitality and relaxation on hot summer days. It is also eaten to relieve stomach pain, eliminate kidney stones and relieve fatigue. Bidmeshk is a fragrant and beautiful plant whose distillates is used to flavor syrup, strengthen the heart, nerves and digestive system. Bidmeshk branches are used to decorate the Haftsin-table. If you travel to Shiraz on May, it is enough to take a deep breath in the morning, you will get drunk with the smell of orange blossom. From the blossoms of orange blossoms, the essential distillates of orange blossom are extracted.

Iranian Rose Water | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Iranian Rose Water

Shiraz Rose Water

Rosewater is one of the souvenirs of Shiraz. Due to the abundance of Mohammadi flowers in Shiraz city, rose-water harvesting is booming in this city. Rosewater is used to prepare syrup, all kinds of halwa, sweets and foods. It is also used to make skin care masks.

Iranian Lemon Juice | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Iranian Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice & Verjuice

Verjuice or grape juice is the juice of green grapes. It is used instead of lemon or vinegar as a flavour enhancing ingredient in cuisine. In Shiraz it is used to cook a famous and delicious dish called Verjuice Ash. Lemon juice, an excellent source of vitamin C is used to making Shiraz-i salad, Faloodeh and some Iranian dishes. Faloodeh is a traditional Iranian frozen dessert that is made with noodles, rosewater, sugar and lemon juice. It is very popular among tourist.

Iranian Herbal Tea | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Iranian Herbal Tea

Shiraz Herbal Tea

Due to the fertility of the gardens of Shiraz, all kinds of high quality medicinal plants are produced in this city. Shiraz herbal teas are prepared with different aromas and flavors such as borage tea, chamomile tea, orange blossom tea, ginger tea, cinnabar tea, and cumin tea. These teas have many benefits such as memory enhancer, heart and blood vessel enhancer, weight reducer and relaxant.

Iranian Marquetry | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Iranian Marquetry

Shiraz Marquetry | Khatamkari

One of the most beautiful and delicate handicrafts of Shiraz souvenirs is Khatamkari. This unique art is created by arranging pieces of wood together in an orderly manner. Using Khatamkari, you can make beautiful containers such as pencil cases, tissue boxes, decorative boxes, vases, spoon and fork holders, etc. These Shiraz souvenirs date back to the Safavid era.

Iranian Souvenirs Wood Carving | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Iranian Wood Carving

Shiraz Wood Carving

Woodcarving is one of the most beautiful handicrafts on wood. Engraving is the art of carving on wood. You can buy a variety of engraved products such as Shiraz souvenirs as a gift for your family or friends.

Iranian Souvenirs Wood Inlay | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Iranian Wood Inlay

Shiraz Wood Inlay | Moaragh

It seems that the art of Moaragh came to Iran from India. The Indians used only one type of wood for Moaragh, but Iranian artists improved this art tremendously by using different types of colored wood. Shiraz is one of the most important centers for the production of Moaragh products, and you can buy the most beautiful samples from Vakil Bazaar as a souvenir of Shiraz.

Iranian Javak Kari | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Iranian Javak Kari

Javak Kari

Javak-Kari art is like inlay work, with the difference that only wood is used in Javak works, but bone and metal are used in inlay work. Dishes and artistic ornaments are made using Javak Kari.

Iranian Minakari | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Iranian Minakari

Shiraz Minakari

Minakari is the art of painting on metals such as copper, gold, silver, aluminum, steel and bronze, which is five thousand years old in Iran. This art reached its peak of beauty and development during the Safavid era. Nowadays, enameling is mostly done on copper dishes. Enameled dishes are one of the most popular souvenirs of Shiraz.

Iranian Etching | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Iranian Etching

Shiraz Etching | Ghalamzani

Ghalamzani is the art of engraving on metals and is considered one of the most attractive Iranian arts and crafts. Shirazi Ghalamzani artists use the images of Shahnameh, Persepolis, flowers and birds and produce world-class products. The Shirazi style of Ghalamzani dates back to the Sassanid, Achaemenian and Scythian eras. Shiraz Ghalamzani is usually engraved on silver and mostly presented in the form of picture frame, vases and sugar-pot.

Iranian Silver Beating | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Iranian Silver Beating

Shiraz Silver Beating

The art of silver beating (toreutics) is one of the traditional Iranian metalwork handicrafts which dates back to seven thousand years ago. There are three silver beating styles in Iran. The Shiraz Style which uses the images of Persepolis, flowers and birds on silver objects, the Tabriz Style and the Isfahan Style. When you walk in the Shiraz markets, silver objects will attract your attention that you can buy them as Shiraz souvenirs.

Iranian Glassblowing | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Iranian Glass Blowing

Shiraz Glassblowing Work

Glass making is an art that has been popular in different parts of Iran since ancient times. According to archaeologists, the first examples of Iranian glassmaking art were found in Susa, which later spread to Isfahan and Shiraz. In the art of glass making, the artist shapes the glass and turns it into a beautiful and functional product. Glass products often include fountains, vases, animals, fruits, and decorative glasses and plates. Currently, in addition to Shiraz, Hamadan glassblowing products are also very popular.

Iranian Stone Sculptures | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Stone Sculptures

Stone Sculptures

One of the initiatives of the Shirazi artist is to make a stone statue with the design of Persepolis, Cyrus' tomb and Achaemenid soldiers.

Iranian Mirror Work | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Iranian Mirror Work

Mirror Work

Mirror work is created by cutting and putting together mirror pieces and creating designs and patterns. Shiraz mirror work is one of the most popular souvenirs of Shiraz due to its high quality. If you are engaged in tourism in Shiraz, be sure to watch the mirror works of Narenjestan Qavam and Zaint al-Mulk House more carefully.

Iranian Pottery | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Pottery

Shiraz Pottery

Pottery is a very old art and before the production of glass, earthenware was the most common container of people. The oldest pottery dates back to the beginning of the millennium BC and was found in the central plateau of Iran and the mountainous regions of Zagros. Clay dishes are souvenirs from many Iranian cities and not only for Shiraz. Meybod pottery, Laljin pottery of Hamedan, Kalpurgan pottery, Tabriz pottery and Isfahan pottery each have their own beauty. Pottery is common among women in the villages of Shiraz. They make big vases and jugs without using pottery wheels in a traditional method.

Iranian Ceramic Dishes | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Ceramic Dishes

Ceramic Dishes

Colorful ceramic dishes are another souvenir of Shiraz, which are prepared using clay and glaze.

Iranian Seven Color Tile | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Seven Color Tile

Seven Color Tile

Seven-color tile art can be seen in most of the historical monuments and mosques of Shiraz. Glazed tiles with azure, white, black, red, turquoise, yellow and fawn colors are used in this art. You can get this tile in the markets of this city and use it in the facade of your house. These works are designed with flowers and nightingales, verses of the Qur'an, motifs and patterns.

Iranian Kilim | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Kilim

Shiraz Kilim

Carpet weaving is one of the original arts of the villagers of Shiraz, which dates back to the Parthian era. It is an art that is formed from the imagination of rural women and is one of the most important types of handicrafts in Shiraz. Behind the design of each rug lies a real life story. Rugs are mostly made of silk, sheep wool and goat hair and are used as underlays, floor coverings, bedspreads and rugs. By buying these beautiful souvenirs, you can help the prosperity of handicrafts in villages.

Iranian Jajim | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Iranian Jajim

Iranian Jajim

Jajim is the handiwork of nomadic women and is usually used for rugs, bags, shoes, and chair covers. The difference between Jajim and Kilim is that Kilim is a hand-woven carpet with warp and weft and a kind of light carpet, but Jajim is a hand-woven, two-layer, thick texture.

Iranian Gabbeh | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Gabbeh Carpet

Shiraz Gabbeh Carpet

Gabbeh is a type of hand-woven carpet with a coarse texture, which is woven by the nomads of Shiraz. Gabbeh carpet is woven with cotton and wool fibers in different sizes and designs. Tangerine, star, clay and animal designs are used in the Gabbeh weaving. Usually, rugs are smaller than other carpets.

Iranian Boriya Mats | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Boriya Mats

Boriya Mats

Boria consists of underlays and coverings made with palm leaves and marsh reeds. Boria mats and structures are usually woven between six and eight meters. Boria weaving is one of the most difficult and laborious arts, and finding reeds multiplies its difficulty. Historians consider buriya weaving to be an older industry than cloth weaving.

Iranian Giveh | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Giveh

Shiraz Giveh

Giveh is a light and durable type of summer slippers, which is suitable for long walks. Some statistics indicate the export of several million dollars of Giveh. Giveh production in Fars province of Iran, has a long history and its history reaches 3000 years ago.

Iranian Felt | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Felt


Felt is an underlay that is made from sheep's wool and is very light and portable. Felting is an exhausting, hard and time-consuming work that is made by constantly rubbing wool on the ground with the help of hands and feet. Felt needs to be kneaded a bit to form it. In addition to underlays, other products such as hats, tops, slippers, vests and coats can also be made with felt.

Iranian Colorful Fabrics | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Colorful Fabrics

Colorful Fabrics

One of the beautiful souvenirs of Shiraz are the colorful, lively and happy fabrics that are woven by the nomads and fascinate every viewer and tourist. These fabrics are used for sewing Shirazi local clothes.

Iranian Bread | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Fasa Bread

Shiraz Fasa Bread | Komaj

Fasa bread is one of the souvenirs of Shiraz, which is mostly baked in Fasa city of Fars province. This bread is very tasty and because of its sweetness, it is usually consumed with tea as an evening meal. The necessary ingredients for making Fasa bread are wheat flour, solid oil, sugar powder, baking soda, ginger powder, saffron and sesame. This crispy and delicious bread, which has a warm character, has long been considered as one of the best souvenirs of Shiraz due to its long shelf life.

Iranian Mosht Bread | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Mosht Bread

Mosht Bread

Mosht Bread is one of the traditional and delicious sweets of Shiraz, that its main ingredient is kharak. Kharak is a date that is not yet fully ripe and is yellow in color. This date has a slightly sour and persimmon-like taste.

Iranian Yellow Halva | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Yellow Halva

Yellow Halva

Yellow halva which is sold in most confectioneries in Shiraz, is served as a dessert after the meal. Zard Shirazi halva is prepared from rice flour, sugar, water, saffron, rose water and oil. Of course, the shelf life of this halva is low and it is not very transportable to other places, so it is better to eat it in Shiraz city.

Iranian Ranginak | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Persian Ranginak

Persian Ranginak Dessert

Ranginak is a delicious and hearty dessert that is prepared in the southern region of Iran and has many fans. In the preparation of Shirazi Ranginak , they use wheat flour, oil, dates, cinnamon powder, and cardamom. Arranged dates are spread in a tray, then covered with chopped walnuts or pistachios. Fry a little flour with oil and pour it on the ingredients in the tray. Then they decorate it with cinnamon and cardamom powder, roll it and cut it.

Iranian Kharak Halwa | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Kharak Halwa

Kharak Halwa

Kharak halwa, which looks like a Sowhan, is prepared with dates, without any additives and sugar. It has a long shelf life. Kharak halva is a rich source of fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, manganese and copper and is recommended for constipation disorders, intestinal problems and even heart problems.

Iranian Bershlig Dessert | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Bershlig Dessert

Bershlig Dessert

Bershlig is one of the delicious sweets of Shiraz, which is prepared with wheat flour, animal oil, powdered sugar, cloves, ginger and cardamom.

Persian Miniature | What to buy in Shiraz

Shiraz Souvenirs- Persian Miniature

Persian Miniature

Miniatures are paintings in which all the details of a natural image are drawn in a small frame. Shirazi artist painters have created unique paintings by using this style and using slimy, bergamot, flower and chicken designs. You will see examples of this art in mosques, holy tombs and old gardens of the city. Some hotels are also decorated with this style of painting.

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