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Ghalamkari Persian Handicrafts

Ghalamkar cloth is gorgeous and fantastic which shows a traditional art from old Persia. You can discover a country’s custom by its handicrafts, so this can be as an exquisite souvenir to take from Iran.

Iranian Ghalamkari Tablecloth

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Ghalamkar fabrics date back to the Sassanid period, the fourth Iranian dynasty and the second Persian Empire (224 – 651 CE). In the 10th century Isfahan was the capital of the kingdom at the time and this art was one of the most important branches of arts in Isfahan province. Bazaar was the center for the artists of Ghalamkar and there were many workshops in the Isfahan market. This art was very common in the 11th century AH, in the Safavid period, expanded and continued until the Qajar period. One of the most important reasons for this was Shah Abbas’s interest to this art. During this era, the royals and the elite wore the most exquisite gold and silver threaded “Ghalamkar Fabric” – Calico garments produced by the artists of the time.
The most of artist and industrial came to Isfahan, Iran. They started to produce a different handicraft. Ghalamkar fabric were very famous in Safavid era. Different types of Calico (Ghalamkar) produced and most men’s and women’s clothing made by it. In the past, Ghalamkar fabrics have served multiple purposes. The Safavid Kings, nobles, and the upper class, wore Ghalamkar silk and cotton clothes ornamented with gold and silver. The fabrics were also used to decorate the interior, frequently utilized as curtains, bedspreads, and wall coverings.

Do not wash your Ghalamkar with strong wishing materials and do not put them in the washing machine.
Washing them with water, shampoo, and hand prolongs their useful life.
In fabric with low quality, the patterns and images are not transferred onto the cloth properly. So, in low-quality calicos there is color dispersion.
The higher quality Ghalamkars are thicker and the authentic ones have a lacinated or torn-shaped and curved edge.
Buy such items from the credible stores where Iranian handicrafts are sold.

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