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Yazd, Iran

Iranian(Persian) Handicrafts

Iranian art reflects a 5,000-year-old cultural tradition with a significant development over history. Numerous artists have produced beautiful items that are known throughout the world. Iranians artists are master in very much fields such as music, performance, architecture, painting, carpeting, weaving, woodcarving, engraving, inlaid working, pottering, tile working and even writing and calligraphy, etc.

As one of the main hubs in the world of handicrafts, the Iran handicrafts have a bright and rich history. Undoubtedly, the talent and creative power of the Iranians and their interest in art and the creation of artworks has been one of the factors in the sustainability of Iranian handicrafts; Experts believe that Iranians can create artwork by recognizing beauty; Because Iranians believe that the work of an artist is not just a physical work, but like a poet, he reflects his feelings and thoughts in his works.

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